Testimonials from our clients

I liked working with you. You didn't talk all the time, continually pointing out the obvious.


A couple other agents said that they would be happy to help me. They always quit responding. I guess because I wasn't buying a million dollar house. You guys followed through.


Steve: "O, I checked my electronic lock box key and saw that we visited 37 homes in the last three days, plus the new construction. You guys are great clients; true "Road Warriors". I am glad we found the right home."

OC:"That's incredible. There is a commercial where this client thanks her agent for putting up with her through a "dozen or more home showings", to which the realtor corrects the number to 36, so we should consider making a commercial!!" I really do appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness. You used to be able to say "you get what you pay for", but we have found that to no longer be true. So to find a truely professional agent who works hard and goes the extra mile has been a refreshing surprise to the expected "status quo". (In other words, thanks again!!)

Ft. Belvoir

I guess you could call me a professional open house visitor. Just getting information for whenever we are ready to do something. You were the most helpful, pleasant, informed and prepared agent I have ever come across. Thanks.


I didn't think I could possibly buy a home. Even one half way to West Virginia. You said I could and made it happen. Thanks


You sold our old house and found us the painters to fix it up. You found us our new home, found the right lender to help us buy it, the home inspector to make sure it was right and the settlement attorney to handle the paperwork. You helped us move. I would say that was a complete and thorough job. Thank you!


I can't believe you spent so much time helping me since I'm just renting. Thanks for picking me up from work and hauling me all over town. We finally got the right one didn't we?

South Riding

I'm not much for writing, in fact I hate writing. However, I do want to thank Jan and Steve for their hard work. Tirelessly working and taking me to more than 50 properties-helping me zone in on the home I wanted. From the start; great recommendations on prepping my old home to sell, they planted flowers, distributed flyers, held open houses, found me a lender, got me a mover(their gift), stocked us up with food on moving day. A great job! Thank you Jan and Steve.


We had already bought a home in California. We had to sell the one here fast. Somehow Jan got it sold before the big slowdown set in. She and Steve then coordinated all the necessary fixups in order to meet the terms of the contract. We were gone. They took care of everything. We could have been in a bind, but they did what we could not. Put this in their file.


We had heard that selling your home was a real ordeal. We had barely finished cleaning before Jan had it under contract. We didn't have to do anything. It was over before we knew it. This probably isn't normal, but it was great for us!


I don't know what to say. Everything was so smooth and fast. I didn't have time or need to worry. We were able to concentrate on getting our new home in North Carolina, since you took care of everything here. Thanks!

Potomac Falls

It was such a pleasant experience- when others made it a bit difficult, you got us through with ease. You really made the process and transition back to this area a pleasant journey.


Now that I got the house I'm ready to shop for the big screen TV. I have appreciated your help and wisdom through this entire process.


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